Philip Bosmans was educated as a graphic designer. He is a self-taught painter and graffiti/street artist. Looking at his pop surrealistic work, you can see where his roots come from.

Philip is a born draftsmen and all his dreams, wanderings and fantasy worlds first end up – in detail or more elaborated – in his sketchbook that is always close to give his creative ideas literally and figuratively a place to ´rest´. At a later stage they fuse with the paint and canvas to become art works that represent and characterize people´s dreams, grief, happiness or luck. Philip not only creates a world he can escape in himself but also gives the spectator the possibility to disappear from daily life for a moment by looking at his works that carry a strong use of color and imagination in them.




  • 2015 ArtWhino gallery, “G40 art summit 2015″ group exposition (Washington, US)
  • 2015 ArtWhino gallery, “We’re all DOOMed” group exposition (Washington, US)
  • 2015 Alley gallery, “Alleyversary” group exposition (Hasselt)
  • 2014 De Coöperatieve,  “Paper Trails” solo exposition (Hasselt)
  • 2014 Au Fond du Bois, group exposition (Tervuren)
  • 2013 Alley art gallery, “Deer Oh Dear” Hertkore group exposition (Hasselt)
  • 2013 Zeeuw-Art exposition (Netherlands)
  • 2013 Exhi-B group exposition (Brussels)
  • 2012 Alley group exposition (Hasselt)
  • 2012 Artishox group exposition (Hasselt)
  • 2012 Fiend Art Festival, group exposition (Antwerp)
  • 2011 Bloom Artfair21 (Cologne, Germany)
  • 2011 Artishox solo exposition (Hasselt)
  • 2010/2011 Artaq group exposition ( Angers / Paris / Brussels / Lyon)
  • 2008 400ML group exposition (Paris)

Honors & Awards

  • Adobe vs Artproject release CS5 collabo
  • Digital Designer of the year 2011 MacWorld UK
  • Elephantparade 2012 (Hasselt)


  • Vector Illustration ISBN 978-84-15829-05-8
  • MONOKROME V2. ISBN 978-0-9569360-1-1
  • Artaq 2012 ISBN 978-2 9534253-3-8
  • Artaq 2011 ISBN 978-2-9534253-2-1
  • 400ML ISBN 978-2-85980-011-5